Consulting for Healthcare providers

Over the last few years, Soulitude Consulting has built up a wealth of expertise and experience in mentoring & assisting organisations which provide care to people of all ages and abilities, whether this is within their own home or in supported living services and residential care homes.

For any given geographical area, Soulitude Consulting can compare the quality and occupation rates of a number of retirement homes, in-home services, including the care home of the organisation commissioning the work, to enable the commissioning company to determine whether its offer suits. Our service can be provided anywhere in Australia - and is ideal for large groups of retirement homes & mobile carers across the country.

The Care assesor will score the homes on quality issues evident at the point of decision, using quality-led and perception-led assessment categories. We will then provide individual reports on each of the homes and a summary report comparing all of the homes.

Counselling for occupational Therapists & Care Providers

We advise social workers, clinicians and those assisting children with accute difficulties in all aspects of running a care organistion dealing with Government departments. From taxation & compliance, HR & employee entitlemets, union provisions, payroll issues, health & safety incidents, insurance and many more.

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